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DJI Ronin 2
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Like Ronin, Ronin 2 was designed for handheld camera applications. Now, Ronin 2 is more versatile with aerial, car-mounting, cablecam, and Steadicam capabilities. It is also compatible with a large number of professional cinema cameras and accessories like sunshades and filters.

Higher-torque motors allow Ronin 2 to support an increased payload of approximately 30 lbs (13.6 kg), while new stabilization algorithms combine data from multiple sensors to perform smoothly in high-stress environments.

For more reliability and convenience, new features include a dual-battery system, built-in display, adjusting knob, GPS algorithm, camera control system, and power system. These provide Ronin users with unmatched stability, power, and reliability.

  • Most versatile professional 3-axis stabilization system
  • Monocoque carbon fiber frame design
  • High torque motors supporting cameras up to 30 lbs
  • Fine tune balancing for precision control
  • Self-heating hot-swappable batteries
  • On-board power for camera and accessories
  • Integrated camera controls
  • Built-in GPS & compatible with DJI A3 Flight Controller


Built-In Functions Operation Modes
-Underslung Mode
-Upright Mode
-Briefcase Mode
-Handheld, Car Mount, Aerial & Tripod Mode

Axis Modes



Built-in, independent IMU module
DJI Advanced 32-Bit ARM Processor
DJI Specialized Gimbal Drive Motors with Encoders
Dual Battery System
Bluetooth Module
D-Bus Receiver Supported
2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz Receiver
Temperature Sensors
Built-in Display
Built-in GPS
USB Type-C Connection
Power and Video Signal through Slip Ring


Working Current Static current: 300 mA (@22.8 V)
Dynamic current: 500 mA (@22.8 V)
Locked motor current: Max 15 A (@22.8 V)
Run Time 8 hours
2.5 hours (when powering gimbal, camera and accessories at the same time)
Operating Temperature -4°F ~ 122°F (-20°C ~ 50°C)
Weight Including handle bar: 14 lb (6.4 kg)
Excluding handle bar: 11 lb (5.0 kg)
Gimbal Dimensions Excluding handle bar: 350 mm (W) x 416 mm (D) x 530 mm (H)
Including handle bar: 630 mm (W) x 416 mm (D) x 720 mm (H)


Camera Tray Dimensions Maximum depth from the center of gravity on camera base plate: 250 mm
Maximum height measured from top of the camera base plate: 190 mm
Maximum width: 170 mm
Accessory Power Connections 14.4 V x 4 Camera Cage (Combined 8 A), 14.4 V x 2 Pan Motor (Combined 4 A), 14 V x2 P-Tap (8 A)
GCU Input Power Intelligent Battery: 4280 mAh-22.8 V
Connections 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz Remote Control, Bluetooth 4.0, USB Type-C
PC Assistant Software Requirements Windows 7 or above; Mac OS X 10.11 or above
Mobile Assistant Software Requirements iOS 9 or above; Android 4.4 or above


Load Weight (Reference Value) 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Angular Vibration Range ± 0.02°
Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed Pan axis: 400°/s
Tilt axis: 360°/s
Roll axis: 360°/s
Mechanical Endpoint Range Pan axis control: 360° continuous rotation
Tilt axis control: ±135°
Roll axis control: ±220°
Controlled Rotation Range Pan axis control: 360° continuous rotation
Tilt axis control: ±135°
Roll axis control: ±30°

DJI Ronin 2

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